Singleplayer Demo (850MB)

„War Front: Turning Point“: The Demo has arrived for all those clever lone wolves!

Ambitious commanders have been given clearance to prove their strategic skills in two exciting missions before the offensive is launched.

After a short introduction to play in the tutorial, the Single Player Demo offers two exciting missions from the German and Allied troop training campaigns:

- In the demo mission Roland Hellmann, the man the Germans call for risky assignments, stands at a turning point in history. His mission: secure the Eastern Front against Russian troops, extract Agent Elsa Adler from the danger zone and secure information important to the German resistance. At his command: a very high-tech weapons arsenal.
- Hellmanns mentor, the influential General Hardt, has been arrested by Nazi troops for supporting the resistance. In the demo’s allied mission, the cold-blooded American John Lynch and his troops are to free General Hardt’s and pave the way to a change in German politics.


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Multiplayer Demo

The challenge has began. Recruit your heroes, step-in into a fictious WW II scenario and command innumerable units as well as superweapons in exciting multiplayer matches. Get the demo now.

The multi-player demo introduces players to this unique scenario to help them bridge the gap until the game is released in February of next year. Two playable parties stand ready to do battle, bringing with them their entire arsenal of weapons. Players can fight out exciting battles on two different maps as they go either „one on one“ or „three on three“. Or, alternatively, they can challenge a computer opponent. The simple tutorial mission offers an intuitive introduction to the games functions and shows tactics proven effective in the battle between rival factions.

Note: The filesize of the War Front: Turning Point - Multiplayer Demo is approx. 510 MB


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